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High performance communities Are for everyone

Becoming a High Performance Community has benefits for the community as a whole, but also for employers, educational institutions, economic development, and individuals.

benefits for 


High Performance Communities uniquely engage all members of a community and all types of institutions.  While most communities have numerous, overlapping, highly-fragmented education and workforce programs, High Performance Communities can unite high schools, colleges, workforce programs, adult education programs, employers, libraries, faith communities, non-profits, and more, all working towards a single goal -- a community united in mutual respect and accomplishment, economically productive and proud of itself.

Benefits for


High Performance Communities transform the workforce of the community, helping employers to both build the skills of their existing workforce to be able to promote from within and find diverse talent in their current workforce.

The CSM Course also enables employers to hire better by building a better workforce for the community, with the skills and dispositions that are needed across sectors, business functions, and positions.


The CSM Certificate provides a new, informative market signal that helps employers to hire new employees with the High Performance that leads to worker engagement, productivity, agility and growth.

"CSM provides a valuable tool for assessing and strengthening the proficiency of employees at all levels of the organization. As an employer, one can have absolute confidence that a team member who has successfully completed the CSM course will have a solid foundation upon which to build their job-specific knowledge and skills.


If allowed to permeate an organization, it has the potential to affect the team culture, and strengthen the foundation of the enterprise.


The team at CSMlearn has put together a great program that will benefit not only a company, but society as a whole.

— Don Fox, CEO 

     Firehouse Subs

     CSM Certified

Benefits for


"Most of the students who come to me have very low self-esteem brought on by their families or high school instructors. Some of the students who have been out of school for over 10 years think that they are “stupid” and cannot learn college-level curriculum.

After CSM, the students’ motivation and self-esteem go through the roof. Not only are they going and retaking the placement exam to get into the classes they need, but they are on track for graduation and pursuing resources to succeed in their classes."

— Tyler Ramos

     Director of Student

          Success Initiatives

     Umpqua Community College

High Performance students come every day committed to giving their all, engaged in learning, pushing through problems and bouncing back from failures. They have truly mastered core math and literacy skills and have the learning strategies to build on to master increasingly challenging material. They believe that they have something to offer and feel confident enough to speak up.

CSM is also concretely college and career readiness in a High Performance Community, as employers give hiring incentives and colleges give placement and/or credit incentives for CSM Certificates. The skills that students learn in the CSM Course prepare them to thrive in college and succeed in the workplace.

High schools, colleges, adult education programs, and workforce programs will all deeply benefit from being part of a High Performance Community.

Benefits for

Economic Development

In the 21st Century, the key driver of economic development is workforce development – communities prosper according to their workforce.  Rather than conventional, narrowly-targeted workforce development, High Performance Communities improve the entire workforce – including people new to the workforce, disconnected with work, transitioning between careers, or already in the workforce (at all levels).  

Attracting and retaining employers and developing entrepreneurial businesses works best when you can talk about an entire community committed to excellence in work – “We are a High Performance Community".

Benefits for


Whether for education or for work, High Performance empowers people for success. Participation in a High Performance Community is accessible to everyone.

"I dropped out of high school at age 16 and entered the workforce. I've been in construction for 38 years, and I have been dreaming about a career change. Doing the CSM course was so profound in my ability to learn. Thanks to CSM I have learned that I can do the work.  It was so empowering to finish the CSM course. Thanks to CSM I am truly living my dream, it’s just a beginning."

— Brent Lumbra

     Student at Vermont Adult Learning

"It’s a process and that builds your self-esteem because math is not my favorite thing – it’s not! So as I continue to get better and better I think “huh, I can do this"! My math self-esteem became much better. I think it goes back to you have to learn on your own, you have to push through the frustration and then build your self-esteem. It really did do that."

— J.F. 

Human Resources Global Manager of     Learning and Development

Fortune 1000 company


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