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Every High Performance Community starts with a Spark:

  • an educational or workforce development entity looking for a way to expand their reach

  • foundation or intermediary looking for a fresh strategy to solve problems at the system level

  • a mayor who wants a way to transform his community

  • a community member who is impatient for change, and has a deep social network

Creating a High Performance Community doesn't require millions of dollars, large grant proposals, legislative mandates or large committees -- it requires people who see the potential, and are ready to engage with their communities.

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Earn your CSM Certificate

The best way to understand what CSM can do for your community is to try it yourself!  You'll learn what High Performance is, and why it will benefit everyone in your community.

To earn your own CSM Certificate, click here to register for the CSM Course.  And email, so that we can support you as you learn.

Get in touch

We would love to talk with you about High Performance Communities and how you can use this model to transform your own community.  Email us or call us at 303-862-7233 to set up a personal meeting to learn more and envision what a High Performance Community would look like in your community.  

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