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Working together for a better workforce

The High Performance Community model is not in competition with other workforce initiatives, and has many synergies that help other programs achieve their goals.

Many workforce initiatives, from career pathways to collective impact programs to apprenticeships share certain issues that are addressed through High Performance Communities.

Sector Partnerships, Career Pathways, and

Skills-based hiring

The primary impediments to sector-partnerships, career pathways, and skills-based hiring is the “on-ramp” that prepares people throughout the workforce to be able to succeed at advanced, rigorous education and training.  Without this on-ramp, these strategies can magnify the skills gap and hurt the underserved populations that these strategies were meant to address.


High Performance Communities provide an on-ramp across all people in a community – scalable, sensitive to the issues that affect struggling populations yet adaptable to be equally useful for the highly-educated, for all sectors and career-pathways, and for all business functions and positions.  High Performance Communities ensure equity in all workforce development activities.

a single entry

In the current system, much of an individual's career path is determined by what "door" they enter (e.g., community college, adult education, workforce development, etc.), yet these doors track the person into entirely different educational and career goals.  Furthermore, when passing through any door, the first question asked is “What do you want to be?”, but at this point the person often has low skills and self-efficacy, and chooses a life path that is doesn't live up to their full potential.​

High Performance Communities provide a single entry point for individuals seeking education and a better career path.  Once they have finished CSM, they will have better skills and a higher level of self-efficacy, and can better choose the path that is right for them.

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