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Building and Certifying

High Performance

High Performance Communities leverage the powerful online CSM Course to build High Performance skills and dispositions. On completion of the CSM Course, people earn the unique CSM Certificate of High Performance.

The CSM Course uses

Next-generation technology

CSM Course

The CSM Course breaks new ground for educational technology by building not only math and literacy skills, but also much more -- problem-solving, the ability to learn independently, persistence, attention to detail, high personal expectations, and self-efficacy.

The Engine of High Performance

The CSM Course is the first adaptive learning system that personalizes learning beyond math and literacy skills - it also responds uniquely to every individual to build independent learning and non-cognitive dispositions and mindsets.  It measures factors like distraction, frustration, learning decisions, and learning effectiveness, providing timely interventions and tracking results.

CSM uses extensive techniques from psychology and behavioral economics aimed at improving persistence and self-efficacy. People who complete the CSM Course know that they can reach for and achieve a challenging goal, and have well-founded beliefs that they have what it takes to succeed.

The CSM Course is  challenging for everyone (even the PhD Chief Engineer of a Fortune 200 company found it a worthwhile experience and said it improved his work!), and the technology makes it accessible to everyone (even adults with 4th grade literacy).  This combination of accessibility and challenge is key to the High Performance Communities model -- CSM is for everyone in a community.


Because CSM is intensely personalized and responds sensitively to the needs of students, the time it takes to complete can range from 10 to over 100 hours.

The CSM Certificate is

Unique in its focus

CSM Certificate

The CSM Certificate, earned on completion of the CSM Course, demonstrates the High Performance skills and dispositions needed to succeed in education, work, and life. Colleges can use the CSM Certificate in placement and admissions decisions, and employers can use it in hiring.

The CSM Certificate isn't meant to displace other certifications, and actually shows an important synergy with other certificates and degrees. While other certifications indicate that the bearer has a specific set of skills –but might have earned a C grade in their work! – the CSM Certificate indicates that they are likely to apply all the skills they have with High Performance. This fills a key hole in the labor market.  

The CSM Certificate is verified using powerful biometric and behavioral algorithms.

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How to become a
High performace community
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